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GEOCUBE is made of 25 multipositionable magnetic cubes with geometric shapes in different colors and includes patterns scale 1 with 7 pieces only as well as patterns in 2D and 3D till 25 pieces.

Educational benefits :
Recognition of geometric shapes and colors - Reproducing figures by assembling geometric shapes to match a pattern in 2D and 3D - Spatial orientation - Concept of background, plan, negative / positive - Notions of symmetry. Pixelation. Concepts of contrast and shadow - Notions of arts.


Composed of multipositionable magnetic tiles and even wheels, TIL'ART PRIMITIVE attracts the player by its naive graphic representations on the front and his coloured motifs on the back side.

Educational benefits:

Recognition of graphic shapes and colors - reproducing figures by assembling graphic shapes from a 2D and 3D model - spatial orientation - notions of art.


Match & Stack for genius toddler: Soft and indestructible colored cylinders and circles to develop fine motor skills and brain


Educational benefit :
Fine motorskills - Notions of size and colors - Eye-hand coordination - Balance - Concentration - Creativity - Fantasy

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Less allergies - Less contamination risk - More safety


For nurseries, kindergartens but also at home, the GUNMA ball is  the toy which increases the safety and limits the contagion risk among toddlers.


Dedicated to toddlers, the self-cleaning ball GUNMA is made of an innovative photocatalytic material which permanently cleans the ball surface.


90% of bacteria disappeared with natural or artificial light according to JIS R1702  - Test method for antibacterial activity of photocatalytic materials and efficacy.


Mouth diseases transmission risk as any kind of contagion are reduced almost to zero when using the GUNMA balls.



Washable clear face mask for adults, teenagers and children showing part of the face.

Supplied in an individual, washable, resealable cotton bag.


Packaged in 10 bags in a cardboard box.

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